miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2018


Last summer, I went to France. I stayed there for twenty days with my dad, my mum, my sister and my brother and all my cousins.

The first four days we went to a village called La Roque-Gageac. The hotel was really small and I had to sleep with all my cousins. It was really funny because we didn´t sleep anything and at night, when my family was sleeping, my cousin David, my brother Mario, and I we went out of the hotel through the window. We walked for two hours and we got lost and a 7 a.m we found the hotel and run to our beds.

The next days, we went to Monaco and we saw a football match in the stadium. Iwent to Lyon, and Marseille too, but the best part of time was our last days in Paris. It was a very beautiful city and we went to a lot of famous places: Eiffel Tower, Triumphal Arc, Seine River... My favourite one was the Eiffel Tower but I love all of them. In the Almeindre Circus, we saw some musicals and theathers. It was the best experience of my life.

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