jueves, 6 de junio de 2013


                                                  I am an expert in ...

  Hi! My name is Danae. I consider myself an expert in making photos.  A year ago, I got a camera for my birthday. At the beginning  I did not use it  at all. One day it occurred to me to pick it up and start taking photos to my brothers, my parents, my friends, different places ...  In the end, I began to like it and since then, when I go somewhere  with my friends, with my parents, with my brothers ... I always take my camera with me.

In the future, I would like to dedicate myself to photography , becoming a professional photographer to take pictures at communions, weddings, special events ... Although I have some ideas for my future, being a photographer is one of those ideas.

martes, 4 de junio de 2013


I love riding a horse since I was a child. Though when I was a child I started by dancing Sevillanas, I left it and after that  started at the age of 9 years old with a friend to take classes. It was a little time because, I did not have a lot of time 
It is a sport that needs: discipline, responsibility, effort, patience, confidence in you and in the horse. In the future, I would like to begin again, though it is a sport that is not practiced very much, it serves for many things, it is fun, elegant and  working with these animals is very nice because they are a big companions and very ready.?




My name is Noelia and I am writing about my passion. I think of many things to write about myself but what I really like is VOLLEYBALL!!!!! 

I always have loved this sport and I discovered that I was interested since I was a child. When I was a child I started practicing it , I started when I was 6 years but I stopped  the last year because I had much to study . I'm not really good  at this sport but I love it .
Now I don't  practice much only at gym classes but in the future I would like to play again because I feel happy  and relaxed  when I play.

lunes, 3 de junio de 2013

I'm good in ...

Since I was a child, when I went on holidays, my father always went with his camera and took many beautiful pictures. I discovered that I loved photography when I was in León. I remember asking my father to give me his camera because I wanted to take a photo.
Now,  wherever I go, I always go with my camera. I take photos of street art, monuments or people. I see it as a hobbit.

If when I finish my studies I have to work taking photos because I haven’t found any other work, I would enjoy it because I really like it.

                                           Triana's bridge
                                         Passion week 


domingo, 2 de junio de 2013


I discovered I was good at photography and recording videos a few years ago, because my sister runs a fashion blog and a YouTube channel. 
She asked me to take pictures and record videos for her channel.

Right now I just got a better camera. I try to carry it with me or my phone so I can always take pictures. 

I don't think I'll work on anything related to this. It is more of a hobby.



Photo taken from the window of an airplane 

Justin Bieber in his concert ( 16-03-2013)

Photos taken from the car window.


sábado, 1 de junio de 2013


Hi, dudes! I´m here to talk about music!

When I was a child, I met a musician in my primary classroom. He was playing the guitar and I said: "¡Oh my God! I NEED that, I NEED  music in my life. So I said: "Mom, you must buy me a guitar and I give you some money when I become a star."

I started to play the guitar when I was nine and I have not stopped yet. I can play the drums and any instrument that you give me because I have a great sensibility for music. Right now, I´m starting to sing and play at the same time, and for me this isn´t hard.

Well, I'm not yet a star and my neighbours are starting to hate us... Yes, "us", because my brother, a friend of mine and me have a rock band: "Piston Bristol".

                                                            Me on our Piston Bristol show.
                                                       My friend and me rockin´ all the way!

                                                                   Livin on a ecstasy!
                              See you soon on the stage boys! We love ya.