domingo, 25 de mayo de 2014

Music as way of life

My name is Carlos and I'm going to talk about my passion ,music.When I was a child I only used to listen to music when I was in the car but one day my father told me to listen a Queen's album, so I did it.Since that moment I fell in love with music.

Everytime I came from school I listened some Queen's songs, but when I finished to listen all their work I felt like I had to discover more music because it made me feel so happy.So I started to look for some new music, that's how I found Red Hot Chili Peppers and more specifially John Frusciante which is, for me, the best musician i've ever listened.John Frusciante made me start to play the guitar.I started to play it 3 years ago. Nobody has never taught me anything about guitar, I did it all by myslef.I'm proud of myself.

Nowadays, I'm constantly searching new music to listen like Radiohead, Jeff Buckley or Omar Rodríguez for example.I really enjoy experimental music because it makes me feel things and makes me keep playing the guitar day to day.

My favourite thing in the world

My favourite thing in the world is the Parkour a "new sport" based on free running or cotinuous running. It's so funny because you feel great and free but is dangerour if you dont know how do it.

I start to practised this sport when I had 16 years old and I learnt a lot of forms to moved for the city using the own city. I need to stoped of practise it because I broke my wrist when I failed on a trick.

 In the future I really wish that I will can do it again and be funny with my friends.

Hi! I'm Mario and one of my passions is the basketball. This passion started when I was twelve years old more or less and because one day a friend said me of play a match of basketball, casualities of the life. Since that day I play basketball for fun, I am in the team of my town and they call me "negro",so funny. For my the basketball is the only sport that I could play 24 hours a day because yes,it's my sport. One day I would like to go to miami to play basketball for fun, would be awesome.

I also won the Olympics with gasol and company, relax is a joke only was a dream.Yeah!

jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014


Hello, my name is Sofía and i will talk about one of my passions. 

My passion for dance has been with me since i was a child, i have always loved dancing. When i was a child i danced with my sister and my friends in my house, we danced all types of rhythms, although my favorite is the salsa, this is the better rhythm for me.

In the present, my passion for dance is bigger, and although i don't be in any dance academy i dance in my house every day, i learn new  steps and i improve little to little. One of my big dreams is to become a professional dancer of  colombian salsa. 

I hope that in the future i can be in the academy dance, be a star of dance and to realize my dream.

This is a really fantastic video.

   The music !! 

My name is Alba, and I go to speak about my passion: THE MUSIC. I'm addicted to listen to music. I like many types of music: Pop, Romantic, Raggae, Rap and above all Relaxing Music because I'm very nervous When I was little, I was angry with my mother because I didn't put music, she doesn't like. My favourite songs are " Wings " of birdy and " Say something " of A Great Big World, both are relaxing, THEY'RE VERY GOOD!
I recommend you listen.

This passion is very popular among youngs. Help to disconnect from the world.


What I like most in the world is playing tennis. I have played tennis since I'm nine years old.
When I was a child I used to ride a bike, play football with my older cousins but I had never played tennis. A day I saw the person who made me like tennis , the best tennis-player for me, Novak Djokovic. I saw him in summer (whereas we was eating) because my father and my uncle love tennis too. Novak was playing the Australian Open Championship.
First it was very boring for me although soon after it became my favourite sport.
I said my father that I wanted to play tennis and he said me that i would register at tennis-school when we would arrive Camas.
A month after, when the school started, my father bought me a tennis racket and he registered me at tennis-school. 

 Photos show us three of my rackets and my tennis-player card. I was overjoyed when I played tennis and I met many people. It was  my passion.
Although I'm really good at tennis, I had to leave it because it removed a long time from my studies .
Nowadays tennis is a hobby for me. I don't play championship yet but I sometimes play tennis with my brother. I'm a teacher for him!
My passionis athletics , I started to practise it when I was seven years old . I trained in San Juan five days a week and everyday I liked more .
The first I practised was speed races , shot put and long jump . When I was eight years old I won my first Andalucia championship. The best things I have known doing this sport are the good that I have met during every this years and learning to fight for the things you want to do. I have practised almost all tests but the one which makes me happier is high jump, I can reach 1'70 metres that's how I won Spain championship two years ago.

A film every day

  I love watching films since I was a child, when I watched a Disney's film every day. My favorite was it "The Little Mermaid".

  Nowaday, I still like it, specially the terror film. In fact, I watch a film almost every Saturday evening , it's the best moment in the week. Sometimes, I go to the cinema with my friends, too. In there it's better watching a film because the screen is bigger and you can eat popcorn. In addiction, I'm interested in the actors and the new trailers.

  I hope watching a new film this week,too.
On my summer holidays, what I like doing is going to the beach with my friends.

I love the smell of the sea and the sound of the swell with the voice of the people, also I love sunbathing while I speak whith my friends about our important things. But what I really like of spending the time in the beach is playing in the water and swimming with the waves or bury in the sand and laughing a lot.

I hope this summer, as many athers, this could be repeated because I think that it is the best that exists.

What i really like are animals, in special horses. Horses are so incredible, nobles and beautiful that it's inevitable not to be mad about them. I think that this hobby comes from my auncle, as he is a lover of these animals and as i have seen him riding, at the end, my sisters and i like riding. I don't usually ride a horse but when i have the opportunity of doing it, i feel hoppiness, feelings that can't be described with words. It is a rapport between you and the horse, the reaction of the horse depends on how you are.
If you are stressed the only thing you can do to be relaxed is going for a walk with the horse and you will see that the problem disappear.


I consider myself a very athletic person. Sport is something that is part of my life. There will be some sports I like more than others, but I wouldn't change football and cycling for anything.

When I was 6 years old, my parents gave me my first bike. It was blue and had two small wheels on the sides to keep from falling down. I spent the day riding it, and I was never tired of doing it. I wanted to learn, and practiced nonstop until the day I rode on my bike alone, without any help from anyone. It was one of the best feelings I've had in the world of sports. I'll never forget the moment when my father pushed me and I was riding the bike on my own.

When I'm riding a bike, I forget everything. The feeling is like an increase of energy that enters in your body when you reach high speed. I use the bike some times for going to places which are away from home.

I must be a privileged person to have that tool for sport. So, while you have a bike, I will not stop  using it.

The cinema

Hi,my name is Jesus and i will talk about my passion: the cinema.I´m addicted to watch films,tv series and reality shows.I like the cinema.I love movies so much because they can transmit me information and it can change my mood. I enjoy all genres of films except romantic films,  even though my favourite kind of films is comedy and thrillers.The best film i´ve ever seen is Cinema Paradiso(1988).The  film  is about of the story of a child who lives in a village of Italia. The boy is growing , he loves the cinema and he wanna work in the village´s cinema.His dreams will come really,and he will become the best director of Europe. The soundtrack of the film was created by Ennio Morricone,who is one of the best compositor of BSO I can´t choose a favourite actor,but, I like more Tom Hanks and Cuba Gooding Jr

This is one of my favourites scenes,you can see it in the film The Great Dictator,interpretated by Charles Chaplin

miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2014

Playing football.
What I like most in the world is playing football, since I was a child I have been playing it.

I started when I was 5 years old until 15. I stopped because I had to study very much. But last year, I enjoyed it so much, because we played with good teams, like Sevilla and Betis.
The most important thing, I have met my friends, my true friends.

One of the things I liked very much, was the feeling. I was always very nervous, but when I run, I'm not nervous anymore. But when I scored a goal, the heart stopped and I felt the happinest situation in the world.

Sometimes, I play football with my friends, it's the best feeling that I have ever had.

martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

it's beautiful!!!!

My name is Irene García, and I go to speak about my favourite sport, the gymnastics rhythmic.This sport is not well known as football, basketball, but it is a beautiful sport and very feminine. This passion began when I was 9 years old.

 When I was young, my mother took me to see my cousin, I like so much to see her and her companions ..  and from that moment, I wants to practice gymnastics rhythmic. The following week, I was giving classes. I and company we were going to compete in many towns of Seville and I met many people, and had a lot of flexibility!!!!


I was practicing the sport until 14 years old, althougt i like it so much, I could not with studies and gymnastics rhythmic,I had no time to study, do homework..was a lot of pressure!! Although I do not practise now,and when there is a show in my town, I'll see it. It will be my passion always.

Water is my passion.

As doing sport is very important during the growth period, my parents wanted my brother and me to do some sports. So he chose basketball and I chose swimming.

I used to go swimming four days a week. Even though I had to move to other village because in mine there wasn't a pool, I really liked going there and have a good time with my teammates.
Now, I don't have much free time with the classes... so I have to wait untill summer to take a dip with my friends.
I don't think I will be able to living on swimming as I'd like to become a medecin. But I'm sure I want to keep swimming many years because it helps me to relax after an exhausting day and forget all my problems.

sábado, 17 de mayo de 2014

I really like it.

  I really like Holy Week, carnival of Cadiz and draw. 
 Carnival is a festival to see off the meat in Lent. In this festival take part numerous chirigotas ,comparsas, quartets and choirs. They sing and realize critiques to the society. My favourites chirigotas are “ The informed”, “ The girls of the frozen one” or “One chirigota with class” between others. My favourite comparsa “The red goblins”.

Comparsa "The red goblins"

Chirigota "The informed"
 The Holy Week is my favourite celebration. Every years I go to Seville to see the processions. My prefer brotherhood is Saint Gonzalo.

Saint Gonzalo
 I think that I'm good drawing. Sometimes, when I have a little free time I like draw. I usually draw things related with carnival and Holy Week. I draw while I'm listening chirigotas, comparsas, Holy Week music, Sevillanas and other music.
This is drawing of my brotherhood

This is other drawing of my brotherhood

This drawing is one of the first I did

This drawing represents five chirigotas of Kike Remolino

This is a drawing of the chirigota "the divine's death"


viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

Travelling around the world.

What I like most in the world is travelling. I have always loved it since I was a child, I've travelled with my parents for many places in Spain, to places like Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and Mallorca, I love the beach and sunbathing there. And other countries like France and Portugal. Also, I have travelled with my friends, the first time we went to Cazorla and the second time we did the Santiago de Compostea Trail.

I like visiting new countries and their customs. Because I can learn more about their history. I think that it's good for me, because I've learned more languages and I've met foreign people.

In the future I might manage to study the career of tourism or an other one related to it.