miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2018


Last summer, I went to France. I stayed there for twenty days with my dad, my mum, my sister and my brother and all my cousins.

The first four days we went to a village called La Roque-Gageac. The hotel was really small and I had to sleep with all my cousins. It was really funny because we didn´t sleep anything and at night, when my family was sleeping, my cousin David, my brother Mario, and I we went out of the hotel through the window. We walked for two hours and we got lost and a 7 a.m we found the hotel and run to our beds.

The next days, we went to Monaco and we saw a football match in the stadium. Iwent to Lyon, and Marseille too, but the best part of time was our last days in Paris. It was a very beautiful city and we went to a lot of famous places: Eiffel Tower, Triumphal Arc, Seine River... My favourite one was the Eiffel Tower but I love all of them. In the Almeindre Circus, we saw some musicals and theathers. It was the best experience of my life.

sábado, 28 de abril de 2018


  The last week I travelled to Rome with the friends of my highschool. It was the best experience I have ever had.

  First of all we took the plane... I was so scared! But after I lost my fear I was really excited about the views. I don't want this entry to be so long so I'll only share the things and places I loved the most of Rome.
The first day there we went to The Vatican. It was breathtaking, so huge and beautiful.... I actually cried seein La Pietà by Michelangelo. The next day we went to Piazza Venezia and next to tha awesome square there was the Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II, also known as Vittoriano. It is a huge white monument with stairs, built in honor of the first king of a unified Italy. I spent half of my life wanting ton go there and... wow.

The last thing we visited and the place that most disapointed me was the Colosseo. I mean, it was cool but I expeted more.

But wow, it was totally totally amazing and touching, I could totally go again, without doubts!

viernes, 27 de abril de 2018

My Travel Blog: Tokyo


This week was... incredible! One of my dreams was to travel to Tokyo and now... this dream has become true!!😍 I've been there for three days. I'll tell you my experience in Tokyo:

⤿The first day me and my friends went to "Akihabara", te most modern district. There, there is a lot of thechnology shops with cameras or computers... You can find te lastest models of all the gadgets.

Also, on this district you can find a looot of things relationated whit anime or manga. There is manga everywere! If you like anime or manga, you will be in love with this place.🍜🍜🍜

⤿The next day we where a little bit tired, so we decided to visit the cherry trees that were in flower. There is a festival called "Hanami" which meens "Watch the flowers". A festival where the people meet with their family or friends, maybe with their couples too. They sit on the floor and drink "sake", or beer if you don't like it. The cherry flower is called "sakura". That was... too beautiful.

⤿The last day we wanted to see the oldest part or the mos traditional part of Tokyo, so we decided to visit "Asakusa". Here there is a temple called "Sensō-ji". It's a buddhist temple, and one of the most importants, and the oldest too.🏮🏮🏮

There, we saw people wearing "kimonos" and "yukatas". I will I have one... they are beautifuls! When I saw these people wearing that... I said "Dude, we really are in Japan" to my friend. That was the last day there... So sad!!

💓That was my experience in Tokyo... and I have to visit the rest of the city! It has been amazing for my and my Friends. Im sure I'll be back. See you Tokyo!

María Florencio Ramayo. 💕


Posted by Noelia Sánchez

Last week, Wednesday was specifically the most exciting day of my life.
My friend Alejandro and I traveled last week to New Guinea in Northern Australia. There I tried the most risky sport I knew, bungee-jumping!.😱

This sport consists of jumping from a bridge or a platform. The feet of the person are moored at the ankles using the same type of cable that is used in the parachutes, together with a harnessthat is connected to the cable of the feet and to the thorax of the person .

My friend and I, we thrown away from a bridge of 150 meters of height😰. It was an incredible feeling. After this, we found boring everything we visited in Australia.

It was an unforgettable experience😆. We never felt so afraid. That to see the world backwards was not very nice but if I was offered to repeat, I wouldn't have a donlot and I would throw me from that platform.🙌😊😝


When I was little I dreamt to go to that city.
I went to Rome two weeks ago and I travelled by plane, I was frightened because is a air transport and I am afraid of heights.

I went with my class mates and we stayed at the hotel Archimede for a week. We saw beautiful monuments like Fontana Di Trevi, The Colisseum, The Roman forum and The square of Venice.

We saw monuments all days, but the last day I bought presents for my friends and family like magnets, sweatshirt and keyring.

I enjoyed a lot of and I would like to returned with my family.

                            María Barrero Sanz.
My travel blog
Last  week-end was the best week-end ever. I traveled to Madrid, the capital of Spain. It's a beautiful city with many monuments and place to visit.

The adventure started when the plane landed. My friends and I lost the plane because Belén had token the wrong suitecase and we arrived very late.

In Madrid I went to see the musical of The Lion King. It was my dream! It's very impressive. After that,  I went with my friends to Primark and I bought a lot of clothes, shoes and gifts for my family. An the end we had dinner at McDonald's.

In my second day in Madrid, I visited a lot of monuments and important buildings like Puerta del Sol, Retiro's Park and many other places. After that, we went to the park to have lunch.

Finally, everything's was well and we would back soon!
Ana Palomo XOXO


 Last week was the best wek ever because I went to Rome with my friends. The travel started last Monday when we took the plane at 9pm.
 First, we went to the hotel in Termini by bus. Next, the teachers distributed our rooms, and we went to sleep because it was too late. On Tuesday, we visited the Vatican City and we had to wait a lot in order to enter to the museum. The next day, we went to see the Colisseum and the Forum, and then, some of us bought some gifts for our families. On Thursday, we woke up very early and we went to Spain Square to start with our last activity, called ¨Barroque Rome¨with our leader, Ivett. The last day, the teachers gave us free time and we decided to go to see the Trevi Fountain and take some photos.
It was totally awesome, especially the ice-creams. I hope to come back soon.