miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2016

Introducción del voleibol.


El voleibol o simplemente vóley es un deporte de equipo que se clasifica entre los juegos de pelota en el que dos equipos, integrados por seis jugadores cada uno, se enfrentan sobre un área de juego separada por una red central. El objetivo del juego es pasar el balón por encima de la red, logrando que llegue al suelo del campo contrario e impedir que al equipo adversario le resulte conseguir lo mismo, a la vez de forzarlo a errar en el intento.
El balón debe ser tocado o impulsado con golpes limpios, pero no puede ser parado, sujetado, retenido o acompañado. Cada equipo dispone de un máximo de tres toques para devolver el balón al campo contrario. El balón se golpea normalmente con manos y brazos. Desde hace algunos años está permitido el contacto del balón con cualquier parte del cuerpo. Una de las características más peculiares del voleibol es que los jugadores tienen que ir rotando sus posiciones (en sentido de las agujas del reloj) a medida que van consiguiendo puntos. El deporte tuvo su origen en Estados Unidos y hoy se practica en casi en todo el mundo. 
El voleibol es uno de los deportes donde mayor es la paridad entre las competiciones femeninas y masculinas, tanto por el nivel de la competencia como por la popularidad, presencia en los medios y público que sigue a los equipos.

http://todovoley.mforos.com/  Para que disfrutéis de la mejor información de vuestro deporte favorito, os dejo un enlace donde podréis interactuar con apasionados de esta modalidad.

domingo, 25 de mayo de 2014

Music as way of life

My name is Carlos and I'm going to talk about my passion ,music.When I was a child I only used to listen to music when I was in the car but one day my father told me to listen a Queen's album, so I did it.Since that moment I fell in love with music.

Everytime I came from school I listened some Queen's songs, but when I finished to listen all their work I felt like I had to discover more music because it made me feel so happy.So I started to look for some new music, that's how I found Red Hot Chili Peppers and more specifially John Frusciante which is, for me, the best musician i've ever listened.John Frusciante made me start to play the guitar.I started to play it 3 years ago. Nobody has never taught me anything about guitar, I did it all by myslef.I'm proud of myself.

Nowadays, I'm constantly searching new music to listen like Radiohead, Jeff Buckley or Omar Rodríguez for example.I really enjoy experimental music because it makes me feel things and makes me keep playing the guitar day to day.

My favourite thing in the world

My favourite thing in the world is the Parkour a "new sport" based on free running or cotinuous running. It's so funny because you feel great and free but is dangerour if you dont know how do it.

I start to practised this sport when I had 16 years old and I learnt a lot of forms to moved for the city using the own city. I need to stoped of practise it because I broke my wrist when I failed on a trick.

 In the future I really wish that I will can do it again and be funny with my friends.

Hi! I'm Mario and one of my passions is the basketball. This passion started when I was twelve years old more or less and because one day a friend said me of play a match of basketball, casualities of the life. Since that day I play basketball for fun, I am in the team of my town and they call me "negro",so funny. For my the basketball is the only sport that I could play 24 hours a day because yes,it's my sport. One day I would like to go to miami to play basketball for fun, would be awesome.

I also won the Olympics with gasol and company, relax is a joke only was a dream.Yeah!

jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014


Hello, my name is Sofía and i will talk about one of my passions. 

My passion for dance has been with me since i was a child, i have always loved dancing. When i was a child i danced with my sister and my friends in my house, we danced all types of rhythms, although my favorite is the salsa, this is the better rhythm for me.

In the present, my passion for dance is bigger, and although i don't be in any dance academy i dance in my house every day, i learn new  steps and i improve little to little. One of my big dreams is to become a professional dancer of  colombian salsa. 

I hope that in the future i can be in the academy dance, be a star of dance and to realize my dream.

This is a really fantastic video.

   The music !! 

My name is Alba, and I go to speak about my passion: THE MUSIC. I'm addicted to listen to music. I like many types of music: Pop, Romantic, Raggae, Rap and above all Relaxing Music because I'm very nervous When I was little, I was angry with my mother because I didn't put music, she doesn't like. My favourite songs are " Wings " of birdy and " Say something " of A Great Big World, both are relaxing, THEY'RE VERY GOOD!
I recommend you listen.

This passion is very popular among youngs. Help to disconnect from the world.


What I like most in the world is playing tennis. I have played tennis since I'm nine years old.
When I was a child I used to ride a bike, play football with my older cousins but I had never played tennis. A day I saw the person who made me like tennis , the best tennis-player for me, Novak Djokovic. I saw him in summer (whereas we was eating) because my father and my uncle love tennis too. Novak was playing the Australian Open Championship.
First it was very boring for me although soon after it became my favourite sport.
I said my father that I wanted to play tennis and he said me that i would register at tennis-school when we would arrive Camas.
A month after, when the school started, my father bought me a tennis racket and he registered me at tennis-school. 

 Photos show us three of my rackets and my tennis-player card. I was overjoyed when I played tennis and I met many people. It was  my passion.
Although I'm really good at tennis, I had to leave it because it removed a long time from my studies .
Nowadays tennis is a hobby for me. I don't play championship yet but I sometimes play tennis with my brother. I'm a teacher for him!