viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

I am an expert in...

Hi, my name is Alejandra and I am going to talk about what I am an expert in. I am good at making videos and montages.

I discovered I was good at taking photos,making videos and montages when I was eleven years old. It was the First Communion of my best friend.I tried to prepare a special video for her.The result was fantastic! I showed this video to my family and finally to my friend. All of them were very surprised. Last year,I collaborated with my classmates making the ending course video.

 At the moment, I am preparing a video for my uncles' anniversary.I am reading books and looking for information on the Internet about montages and photography.

I have never thought if my ability would be useful in the future,but I enjoy making them.If I control the new technologies I can have more opportunities to work.

Chipiona (Cádiz),by Alejandra Valdés

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  1. Very good Alejandra! I do think you can make a living on that if you are good at it.