martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

I'm expert taking care of babies. Guadalupe A.G

Hi! My name is Guadalupe and I´m going to tell you about what I´m an expert in.I´m good at taking care of children.

I found out when my nephew was born.First of all,I was scared because I had never looked after a child ,but I liked it and I was good at it.

Now,I´m getting more experience in that field.I´m taking care of him when my sister goes out, I bathe him,I feed him,I play with him and so on... In the future, I think I will work in something related to children because looking after children  is my vocation.

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  1. Very good Guadalupe!! Excellent option! I hope you are lucky and find a job related to that. Thanks for sharing! We will talk about the mistakes in class ;-D