viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

Rhythmic Gymnastic ~ Lara S.A

I always have loved Rhythmic Gymnastics and since I was a child I have been practicing it. I started when I was 4, then I stopped, and I went back again three years later. I’m not really good at this sport, but I love it and I feel very good when I am doing it. I have gone to lots of exhibitions and competitions in different places and the most important thing, I have met wonderful people and I have made big friends.
Now, I have done a course to be a coach, so in the future I will be able to be employed at this, apart from my studies. Also,  this sport has helped me working in groups, to be more responsible and I have more flexibility, which is good for my health.

In conclusion: I LOVE IT!

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  1. Very good! I also think sports teach you many important things.