jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014

The cinema

Hi,my name is Jesus and i will talk about my passion: the cinema.I´m addicted to watch films,tv series and reality shows.I like the cinema.I love movies so much because they can transmit me information and it can change my mood. I enjoy all genres of films except romantic films,  even though my favourite kind of films is comedy and thrillers.The best film i´ve ever seen is Cinema Paradiso(1988).The  film  is about of the story of a child who lives in a village of Italia. The boy is growing , he loves the cinema and he wanna work in the village´s cinema.His dreams will come really,and he will become the best director of Europe. The soundtrack of the film was created by Ennio Morricone,who is one of the best compositor of BSO I can´t choose a favourite actor,but, I like more Tom Hanks and Cuba Gooding Jr

This is one of my favourites scenes,you can see it in the film The Great Dictator,interpretated by Charles Chaplin

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