martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

it's beautiful!!!!

My name is Irene García, and I go to speak about my favourite sport, the gymnastics rhythmic.This sport is not well known as football, basketball, but it is a beautiful sport and very feminine. This passion began when I was 9 years old.

 When I was young, my mother took me to see my cousin, I like so much to see her and her companions ..  and from that moment, I wants to practice gymnastics rhythmic. The following week, I was giving classes. I and company we were going to compete in many towns of Seville and I met many people, and had a lot of flexibility!!!!


I was practicing the sport until 14 years old, althougt i like it so much, I could not with studies and gymnastics rhythmic,I had no time to study, do homework..was a lot of pressure!! Although I do not practise now,and when there is a show in my town, I'll see it. It will be my passion always.

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