sábado, 17 de mayo de 2014

I really like it.

  I really like Holy Week, carnival of Cadiz and draw. 
 Carnival is a festival to see off the meat in Lent. In this festival take part numerous chirigotas ,comparsas, quartets and choirs. They sing and realize critiques to the society. My favourites chirigotas are “ The informed”, “ The girls of the frozen one” or “One chirigota with class” between others. My favourite comparsa “The red goblins”.

Comparsa "The red goblins"

Chirigota "The informed"
 The Holy Week is my favourite celebration. Every years I go to Seville to see the processions. My prefer brotherhood is Saint Gonzalo.

Saint Gonzalo
 I think that I'm good drawing. Sometimes, when I have a little free time I like draw. I usually draw things related with carnival and Holy Week. I draw while I'm listening chirigotas, comparsas, Holy Week music, Sevillanas and other music.
This is drawing of my brotherhood

This is other drawing of my brotherhood

This drawing is one of the first I did

This drawing represents five chirigotas of Kike Remolino

This is a drawing of the chirigota "the divine's death"


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