domingo, 25 de mayo de 2014

Music as way of life

My name is Carlos and I'm going to talk about my passion ,music.When I was a child I only used to listen to music when I was in the car but one day my father told me to listen a Queen's album, so I did it.Since that moment I fell in love with music.

Everytime I came from school I listened some Queen's songs, but when I finished to listen all their work I felt like I had to discover more music because it made me feel so happy.So I started to look for some new music, that's how I found Red Hot Chili Peppers and more specifially John Frusciante which is, for me, the best musician i've ever listened.John Frusciante made me start to play the guitar.I started to play it 3 years ago. Nobody has never taught me anything about guitar, I did it all by myslef.I'm proud of myself.

Nowadays, I'm constantly searching new music to listen like Radiohead, Jeff Buckley or Omar Rodríguez for example.I really enjoy experimental music because it makes me feel things and makes me keep playing the guitar day to day.

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